Killing Comparison: 10 Ways to Build Others Up

Recently, we went to a butterfly garden in Guatemala.  Fluttering around our heads like a dream were hundreds of butterflies of all shapes and colors.  Never once did I say – “Wow, I wish that butterfly looked more like that other one.”

No… it was the variety that was so interesting and fun.  Just when we’d studied one type of butterfly, another would appear with different colors, patterns, and behaviors.

The differences were what made it so magical.

And that is just like us also.  We do not have to be someone else.  In fact, it is our contribution to the world that we are not.   We were made unique, and comparing to another takes away not only personal joy, but hardens our hearts toward others.

I’m over at Allume today sharing about how to fight comparison and build others up.

10 Phrases that kill comparison:

I love watching you ___________

You are really gifted at __________

Do you know how amazing you are? Here’s why…

You make me smile when you…

I believe in you…

I see God working through you by…

How can I pray for you in this?

How can I support you while you pursue this dream?

Keep running your race – you’re doing it so well!

I’m so proud of you and the way you step out in faith…

10 phrases

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