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Healthy Options

I’m sure you’ve heard of them unless you’ve been hiding under a health food rock.  You’ve probably had one.  You may even be addicted.  It’s surprising, these Acai bowls.  When I had my first one, I thought, “Huh… yes, really good, but worth all of the hype and the cost?”  I wasn’t so sure.  But [...]

I loveeeee alfredo sauce with all of its creamy goodness, but I can’t afford the cals.  So I set off to find my own version that I could eat!  Here is the result.  I make this all of the time and serve it up with my Miracle Noodles.  My kids like it too, and they [...]

My daughter is doing Paleo with me and I’m trying to create some on-the-go items for her.  Since almond and cherry are the favorite combo. around here, these fit the bill.  The ones pictured have sesame seeds in them.  If you love them, add them, but I decided I like this recipe better without! What [...]

Let’s do this journey together!

I am thankful and honored that you are allowing me to take a virtual seat in your home! I promise to give my best in adding value to your life through my blog. You will find mouth watering recipes, helpful tips, and intriguing ideas. We will also authentically discuss faith, family and living well.

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