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Some recipes are made for the generations. Meaning, they are meant to be passed down over and over and over again. This is one of them. I first discovered this recipe in an old Jr. League cookbook. If you know me at all, you know I am CRAZY about Jr. League cookbooks. I’ve adapted the [...]

The Davenport, located in Spokane, Washington, is a stunning historic hotel that opened in 1914. In its turn of the century glory, it was known as the most modern hostelry in the United States, boasting air conditioning, a pipe organ, a central vacuum system, housekeeping carts and accordion ballroom doors. This landmark hotel shut down [...]

Mud pie for birthday dessert is a strong tradition in our family. Every year I ask the kids,“still want mud pie?” “YEP!” they answer without an ounce of hesitation. Mud pie is easy to make, but requires days of preparation. First, I bake the Oreo crust that has been run through the food processor, and mixed [...]

This pie is part of our Apple Day tradition.  Since my husband doesn’t like pie crust, we use a crumble top.  It’s way better than crust for the top anyway. We think you’ll find it to be a fav too! 3.2.2646

My husband often grabs one of our kids and heads off on an adventure.  It’s one of the many reasons I fell in love with him, and now our kids get to benefit from that spirit.  This weekend he’s taking my oldest son to climb Mt. St. Helens.  I wanted to come up with a [...]

You’ve heard the tips:  stick a piece of bread in the bag to keep cookies soft, put in a few apple slices, or toss them in the refrigerator.  So which is it?  What’s the best way to store cookies and make their quality last? My best go-to solution is to make the cookie dough and [...]

easy ingredients: ice cream bars chocolate syrup whip cream toffee bars chocolate for decoration (optional) It doesn’t get any faster than this folks!  And you won’t believe the kids squeals of delight.  They go crazy over this. Enjoy!

I live in apple country, and this time of year my garage is filled the glorious fruits. Whenever I enter the house, I smile down at the brimming boxes, just happy they are there. It spells f-a-l-l to me…oh, happy fall! And what better thing to do with them than settle in and make caramel [...]

Few ingredients + easy instructions = kids cookin’ up some yummies in the kitchen.  My son and I made these birthday treats for his class.  Word has it the kids gave these a five star rating!

If you are looking for a wozzzzzzza — knock someone’s socks off — heaven-on-a-plate dessert, you’ve come to the right place. This tiramisu will be worth the work. Trust me. It’s not hard, it just requires a few steps. You can do it! Even the most discerning Italians will be impressed. I first started making this [...]

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I am thankful and honored that you are allowing me to take a virtual seat in your home! I promise to give my best in adding value to your life through my blog. You will find mouth watering recipes, helpful tips, and intriguing ideas. We will also authentically discuss faith, family and living well.

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