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Steak sandwiches are a crowd pleaser, easy to make ahead of time, and satisfy the most hungry guest at the table.  Don't overlook this as one of your family staples. This recipe uses Walla Walla Sweet Onions.  Walla Walla is a darling little town not too far from where we live.  It's known for its Read More

There just isn't much that people like more than finger-licking ribs.  You really can't go wrong with ribs slow-cooked.  Pair this with some potatoes and it's a memorable meal. People don't forget ribs.  When I make them for guests, they often talk about what I served a year later.  Crazy but true!  These are easy Read More

When I lived in Salt Lake City, Utah, my dear friend Kerri introduced me to her version of Shredded Beef Enchiladas.  I have been making them ever since. This recipe is especially good for groups, parties, teams, or hungry boys.  You can make a ton and freeze them.  I always have a pan of these waiting Read More

  I’m not sure when I began to subconsciously love and value the table as the centerpiece of our home, but I think it was somewhere around 4th grade. My brother, sister, and I would raise our hands to talk, shoving it high in the air and fist pumping so that mom and dad knew Read More

These are fun to make, and not hard.  Trust me.  Our self-declared non-cook in our cooking group has learned to make them! Here is my group assembling some pinwheel flank steaks... [amd-yrecipe-recipe:5] 3.2.2646 Read More

  [amd-yrecipe-recipe:7] 3.2.1284 Read More

 My favorite cookbook in the entire world is the Jr. League of Spokane's Gold n' Delicious.  So many of my staple recipes come out of it, and this is one.  You will make this over and over again. [amd-yrecipe-recipe:6] 3.2.1284 Read More

I love the tangy sweet kick to this flavorful recipe.  This combination of ingredients surprised me -- I had no idea I would like it as much as I do!  Trust me... you'll feel adventurous with this one.  We made this in cooking group and it froze beautifully. [amd-yrecipe-recipe:24] Read More

Many people choose a special cut of meat for Christmas dinner.  I highly recommend a meat thermometer inserted in the thickest part of the cut to make sure it doesn't overcook.  If the meat isn't cooked well, all of that money spent on buying the nicer cut is wasted.  Here are the recommended temperatures for Read More

There is something right about the world when sitting outside on a warm summer night eating a juicy burger hot off the grill. This recipe is seriously THE BEST EVER. I'm not messing with you.  I even have far-off friends call me when they are making them, and others whose son is now learning to Read More

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