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I grew up Methodist and every Ash Wednesday we would go to church and the pastor would paint crosses of ash on our foreheads. We also waved real palm branches on Palm Sunday and paraded giant purple banners on Easter. The Methodists, like the Catholics and other denominations, have some deeply rooted spiritual traditions that Read More

Easter played a trick on me this year. It came early, and I was unsuspecting. Just today I sat lamenting that we haven't dyed anything, learned the words to "Old Rugged Cross," or opened the devotional plastic eggs with miniature symbols inside. Winning the "Easter Mom of the Year" will not be on the resume Read More

Looking for a SUPER DUPER EASY FUN kid dessert for Easter? Look no further. My sis did these last year and they were a huge hit! No recipe even needed - just place a half graham cracker under a piece of chocolate and a peep marshmallow. Put in the oven for a few seconds under Read More

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