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#reclaiminghome by Krista Gilbert

IT'S ALMOST HERE!!!!  Three weeks from now my new book, Reclaiming Home, will be arriving in book stores. This is the book I knew I had to write.  It's both my very personal journey, but also the road we all take as parents.  It explores the heart of family, as well as the practical day-to-day Read More

This prayer is taken from Chicken Soup for the Couple's Soul.  I loved it so much I made a printable to keep in our bedroom Read More

1. Get up early to do something more special than usual. Make muffins, start the car, bring a cup of coffee in with a kiss and a smile. Little things really do mean the most! 2. Splice together a video of you in various location saying how much you love your honey. ie. when pumping Read More

Have you ever been to one of those water parks where there is a giant bucket filling with water at the top of a large structure?  People stand underneath and wait until it suddenly gets to a tipping point and spills the entire tidal wave onto their heads. Marriage is a lot like that bucket Read More

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