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“Well, this is it Mom.” Her hair blew her over her face as the warm wind passed over her tanned armed into the car. “The last stretch. Two more months of high school and that’s it.” Immediately my throat tightened and I bit my lower lip. I knew this was coming. Spring break in Costa Read More

I was a junior in high school and the bright lights shone brightly above the stage.  The MC for the night was handing out impromtu questions and it was my turn.  "If you could have lunch with someone who you find interesting, but have never met, who would it be?" "Oprah Winfrey," I said without Read More

There is a picture of my daughter next to an overturned raft, hair plastered over her eyes, mouth wide open, that still makes us laugh.  "I've never had a boat flip," the guide had said.  What makes the story even more interesting is that it wasn't my husband and I with her in the boat Read More

Around August I start panicking. The fully stocked back-to-school shelves in Target remind me that the close of another summer looms. I spin the rolodex of summer activities in my head – have we done everything the kids wanted to do? What about what I wanted to do? Has it been meaningful? Fun? Have we Read More

Struggling to stay awake, my head rested on the palm of my hand, my elbow barely holding them both up as it perched on the hard surface of the desk. My teacher, a short, bald, athletic man sat in the front of the room, droning on about this war, that general, and these periods in Read More

Moms – You are the difference-makers. Change agents. Heroes. What you do every day – the hugging, working, teaching, organizing, praying, carpooling, cleaning, playing, laughing, crying, serving, and giving – it changes the world by deeply impacting those right at your kitchen table. We see you. We like you. We know you – because we Read More

My hand rested on her back, and my spirit sank beside her.  My friend staying at our house for the weekend was hurting and there was nothing I could do to take the pain away.  So there we sat, side by side, sharing a broken heart.  Though I tried to encourage, tried to find the Read More

No matter what the season, curling up with a book and a blanket is one of my favorite things.  If it is in the summer, a hammock or a lawn chair is my place of choice.  If it's winter, I adore snuggling in by a fire. Books transport us to another place or time, engage Read More

  Her eyes dropped as she slung her backpack over her chair.  "What's wrong?" I immediately asked, knowing something had happened.  "I don't want to tell you!" she retorted and threw her arms on the counter and went face down.  "Honey... whatever it is, it's okay," I said as I tried to lift her face Read More

One of the small things I do when guests come to town is I put a small vase of flowers on the bedside table with a bottle of water and a note.  If I have a picture of the guests, I will also put a picture frame with them in it. Today let's show that Read More

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