Slush Punch for the Holidays

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This is a great crowd pleaser punch for special occasions and holidays.



1  – 46 oz canned pineapple juice

1  – 12 oz can frozen (pulp free) orange juice, thawed

1  – 12 oz can frozen lemonade, thawed

1  – 12 oz can frozen cran-raspberry juice, thawed

6 cups of water (4  – 12 oz cans)

2 2-liter bottles of 7UP

Lemons and herbs for decorative garnish


Mix together the fruit juices and water.  Divide into two containers and freeze.


To serve:


Thaw the container for 4 hours until it becomes a thick slush. Transfer to a punch bowl.

Add 1  (2 liter bottle) 7-Up to the slush mixture.


Add lemon slices and herbs or fresh berries for garnish.


Makes approx. 50 4 oz cups.



*Some like to add a container of sherbet to the punch.

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