#reclaiminghome by Krista Gilbert

Are you watching as your
family spins out of control?

We live in an era when children often know more about their electronic devices than their own family history, parents invest more time in the carpool line than at the dinner table, and marriages teeter on the cliff of neglect. Reclaiming Home offers families creative, life-changing solutions to these modern day dilemmas. Learn how to deposit small pebbles of intentional action into daily life to build a mountain on which your family can stand for generations.

Reclaiming Home

By Krista Gilbert


I was honored to be able to read Krista Gilbert’s new book, Reclaiming Home: The Family’s Guide for Life, Legacy and Love. Her personal experiences along with her practical ideas teach us all the importance of focusing on family and making the most of that time. Krista’s chapter on reclaiming time teaches us how to invest and be intentional in claiming family time as well as one on one time with each family member. She reminds us all that time is a gift that should be treasured. The chapter on reclaiming childhood provided a list of what friendship looks like to help teach children what to look for in a friend. Each part of the book relies on the experiences that Krista has lived, but also on the ideas that she uses to reclaim her own home. This book is a must read by all no matter what stage your family is in.Mary - Legacy and Love. Her personal experiences along with her practical ideas ...

Krista Gilbert is an author, blogger, and speaker who lives in the mountains of Idaho with her husband, Erik, and their four children. Passionate about bringing meaning and fun to the table, she inspires others to live their lives on purpose – encouraging deep roots of connection, faith, love, and grace. When she isn’t blogging at kristagilbert.com, or daring families at meaninginaminute.com, you will find her dancing around the kitchen cooking, laughing wholeheartedly, or racing her kids down a ski run.

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