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My mom’s first cousin, Shauna, met a Brit during her college years at the University of Oregon who happened to get a job as a trainer for the national rugby team in Melbourne, Australia. So our beloved American Shauna became Australian Shauna, with a unique blend of an American/Australian accent.   We’ve stayed very close over Read More

I just got back from climbing one of the world's tallest peaks, Tanzania's Mt.Kilimanjaro with One Million Thumbprints.  Fifteen women summited on International Women's Day on behalf of women in war zones, specifically Syria, South Sudan, and the Democratic Republic of Congo. It was a fantastic experience overall.  I did quite a bit of reading Read More

*I wrote this post in my head during the hours I was climbing Mt.Kilimanjaro with One Million Thumbprints on summit day.  When I got back, I typed it out. **Almost all of the pictures in this post were taken by fellow climber, Chelsea Hudson, a talented photographer, and beautiful soul. __________________________________________________________ Fifteen pairs of boots hit Read More

When my son was in Kindergarten, we had his eyes tested and the results showed a severe stigmatism and near sightedness.  He was only seeing 10 inches in front of his face.  Beyond that it was all a blur.  No wonder we couldn't get him to ride a bike - he couldn't even see his Read More

I will be praying for you until we talk. The words jumped off the page as I read them on the message thread.   Why is she going to pray for me? I thought. Sure, it was very kind, but there was something deep inside of me that knew it was more than simply a Read More

I’m not sure what age I was when the question first came to me, but I remember asking it as I sat and stared at an image of a little girl with a mud-caked face dressed in rags, holding her little brother, who was equally dirty, “Why wasn’t that me born there?” The question hung Read More

For our 20th anniversary, my husband and I wanted to do something we’d never done – a new experience for both of us. It didn’t take long to land on an Alaskan cruise. We’d never taken a cruise, and we’d never gone to Alaska, even though we live in the Pacific Northwest. Though we aren't Read More

Every once in a while you encounter a place so special and unique that describing it with words falls short. This is how I feel about Village of Hope, Guatemala. Having been in Santiago Atitlan, we drove over a high mountain pass to reach them - crossing rivers in our van, and moving stones and Read More

“No podemos pagar, entonces, no vamos al hospital.” The mother, dressed in her best traditional wear, patted her 5 yr. old daughter on the stomach. The daughter had been losing weight and had serious abdominal pain. My eyes filled with tears as I heard her say they couldn’t pay for her to be seen by Read More

The single candle flickers on the table while the mosquito coil wards away and smokes under my feet.  Marimbas, guitars, and friendly Latin tunes provide the backdrop to the cicada chorus singing around our patio.  This is a scene not unfamiliar to me.  It sounds and smells like every night did in Costa Rica when Read More

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