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My friends and I have so much fun cooking together!  It is a huge blessing.  It's a lot of work when you are the planner, shopper, and executer of the menu, but it's SO worth it.  Then, for the next few months, you just get to show up and enjoy the labor of the other Read More

Fall waltzes into the kitchen this time of year, and warmly invites soups, chiles, lasagnas, and other comfort foods to come and take residence in our freezers.  There is something uniquely cozy about crisp days, the first rain, and leaves blowing past our windows as the fire flickers.  A warm, homemade meal on the table Read More

Come June in my childhood, we'd stomp out to the garden bed and grab a few stalks of rhubarb.  Then, in total happiness, we'd sit on the front porch with a little bowl of sugar and dip and eat the sour stalks.  It was nature's version of Lick-a-Stix.  Thus, my love affair with rhubarb began Read More

      Apple butter takes me right back to Lancaster, Pennsylvania Amish country where I first sampled this thick, spice infused goodness.  The laundry, hung out to dry, flapping in the wind next to rows and rows of corn filled my window that morning. A black buggy driven by a stately man dressed in Read More

  We love buying or picking in-season fruit, then jamming (our term for making jam) or canning.  The problem is, sometimes we pick or buy, but don't have the time to process it.  Here is our solution:  the freezer.  Freeze the fruit in a box or on a tray.  After it is solid, transfer to a Read More

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