A Covid Graduation & A Tribute To Siblings

June 4, 2020

There was little pomp and circumstance as we drove around the parking lot to the make-shift graduation stage.  No class speeches, no awards given, no special music.  Dawson didn’t even get to shake he principle’s hand.  He was handed the diploma and smiled, alone, for his picture.  We walked to the class rock, snapped a few pictures, and headed back to the car. 

Graduation represents a culmination of learning and growth for each child, but it also marks the finish line of siblings living together in the same house, sharing daily life like they have for 18 years. I watched as my four children wrapped their arms around one another as they walked away from the school. 

Of all of the blessings in my lifetime, the relationship between them is one of the greatest of all.  There is a deep peace knowing that no matter where they venture in this life, the 18 years spent in our home has cemented their relationships into an unshakeable foundation.  They will always have each other.

Siblings are the only people who know us from start to finish.  They know us from the day we are born, and, in most cases, outlast parents.  They are the ones who can fully understand where we’ve come from, and how we were shaped in the most formative years.  These relationships can be one of life’s most treasured and priceless gifts if we treat them that way and continue to honor them as the family changes and grows. 

My kids will always belong to one another.  They will show up, speak up, and stand up on one another’s behalf.  They will be true and weather all the storms.

The diploma in Dawson’s is special, and I am so proud of him for his dedication and work.  But these snapshots of the four of them… these are the ones from graduation day that I will treasure the most.

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