The Teacher Who Dared to Love in Red Lipstick

At the exact minute class was to begin, a woman bounced through the door wearing a bright red pencil skirt and matching blazer. Her brown curls danced in a waltz on her head. I wondered if she was a guest speaker.

Teachers did not dress this way, and they certainly didn’t wear red lipstick. Looking up, she sipped the straw of her latte with the corner of her mouth while she studied our faces.

We all sat in utter amazement. This was college. Post- graduate higher level teaching classes, in fact. Shouldn’t she act a little more… well…like a professor? You know, clear the throat. Look through wire-rimmed glasses. Read poetry or something? The wonder never ceased. We sat spellbound the entire semester as we learned about teaching through her unique eyes.

You see, she taught us how to teach by teaching us how to love. She had lunch with us, knew our interests, and spent countless hours caring about our hearts, not just our grades. Yes, I frantically scribbled notes on paper as she spoke about teaching methodology, but that wasn’t what captured my attention. It was the way she uniquely cared for me personally and desired to launch my future.

Have you had a similar experience with a teacher?

Teachers are in a unique position. Often, they spend more time with those particular students than anyone else in a day.

They not only have the potential to grow the mind, they can help launch the human spirit as well.

This is the heart behind my latest Meaning in a Minute launch: The Teacher Dare. All of us can use fresh encouragement and ideas in whatever arena we invest our time. In signing up for the dare, you will receive 14 easy, creative ways to single out students and build them up.

It may not change the world, but it WILL make a difference in the life of that one child. For that moment, the words, “You are Important” and “You Matter” will be written across their hearts. And it may even be written in bold red lipstick.

To join the 14 Day Teacher Dare, CLICK HERE and sign up

(or forward this email to your favorite teacher or school)

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