Setting a Beautiful Holiday Table

There is something special about transforming our normal eating area into a sparkling wonder of Christmas candlelight!  And it’s easier than you think.  I set our table for the entire season, and sometimes I even leave the good china plates out just for fun and we eat on them during family nights all season long.  After all, if we don’t USE them, what is the point of having them???  
There are many ways to decorate a Christmas table — here is how I do it!

 Step 1:  Begin with a table runner and a centerpiece.  Here I used an oversized glass jar and filled it with fake “snow” and various ornaments that vary in size, color, and texture.

 Step 2:  Add candlesticks.  I like these crystal ones that I found in the TJ Max clearance section after Christmas.  They were $5.00 each and they sparkle and shine!  They don’t need to match.  In fact, it makes it more interesting if they don’t.  Be sure to vary height.  

 Step 3:  Add something low in between the candlesticks.  Here I used star tea light holders that I found at Pier 1.  Again, shop the after-Christmas sales and there will be plenty!  Again, the more candlelight the better….

 Step 4:  Sprinkle in “jewels.”  Here I used star shaped glitter ornaments, both large and small.  I also used those clear jewels that you can find in packs at any craft store, and some gold and silver balls.  


 Step 5:  Add some height with two tall items, like these silver trees, or you could use spires.  I saw the cutest chocolate tree idea on Martha’s website.  Those would be cute for an edible option.  My kids would LOVE that! 

 Step 6: This step is just a little somethin’ extra.  I like adding a focal point that hangs from the chandelier or ceiling.  Here I used a glitter spired star.  I hang it with fishing line so it looks like it is suspended in mid-air.

 Step 7:  Add chargers to the place settings.  These are beaded around the sides, and I alternate between gold and silver since I like to use both metals at my holiday table.  Leaving the table “set” like this makes it look so welcoming — like it is ready to be used for a big family meal at any moment!

Step 8:  Add napkins that sit on top of the chargers with some fun napkin rings.  You can also put your china there if you are going to leave it out.  I use two kinds of holiday napkins, one that is gold on the silver plates, and one that is a white/silver/gold on the gold plates.  

That’s it!  Set the holiday table — it will serve as one of the most festive parts of your house during this blessed season.

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  • Kristin Williams December 8, 2011, 3:16 pm

    This is so pretty! Thanks Krista!

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