The Love of Easter People


Easter played a trick on me this year. It came early, and I was unsuspecting.

Just today I sat lamenting that we haven’t dyed anything, learned the words to “Old Rugged Cross,” or opened the devotional plastic eggs with miniature symbols inside. Winning the “Easter Mom of the Year” will not be on the resume. However, unlike other years, I do have a cute outfit picked out, and that has to count for something.

Determined to bring some Easter into our week, after dinner I reached for the quintessential food: Peeps. In a whirlwind of inspiration, I challenged the family to a contest. The best Easter creation made out of Peeps would be the winner.

Here are the results:

Yep, I know. Judge me now. The Peeps are in a sword fight. Who in their right mind would take the cute little marshmallows and stick things through their heads? I don’t think my boys do anything without it ending in a some sort of a battle.

Thankfully, my daughter gave me a little hope with her creation. Lord, have mercy!

As I sat crying laughing over the peep wars, I remembered what a Pope once said:

“WE are the Easter people.”

No, I haven’t accomplished what I would have liked this Easter, especially in regards to teaching the true meaning of why we celebrate, but every day I have the chance to BE Easter to my family and those I surround.

Here are some questions to ask as Easter people:

1. Am I reflecting love to those in my world?

2. Do I demonstrate my love by spending meaningful time together (not just co-existing)?

3. Is there a space in my day for gratitude & reflection? Do I think about the gifts in my life & focus on contentment?

4. Am I person of GRACE? Do I live it, extend it, breathe it, reflect it?

5. When I walk in a room, am I reflecting hope and light? Do I work and choose to be a blessing in that space?

Let us go beyond the “day” of Easter, and become the manifestation of it in our circle of influence.

And the next time your kids decide to disfigure innocent Peeps, you can smile and sing your Hallelujah song!

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