Learning to See from a New Perspective


There was a time when my youngest son couldn’t see beyond 10 inches in front of his face. Day after day we would practice flash cards. I would hold up “F,” he would tell me it was an “A.” I would hold
up “D-D-D dinosaur” he would say, “O-O-O octopus.” The more we practiced, the more he guessed. After several appointments at the Dr., we discovered he has a severe stigmatism, this type rare among children. It was a miracle he had done as well as he had, considering he could hardly see!

The eyeglass store called to say his glasses were in. Stetson clumsily slipped them on and sauntered a few steps, taking in his new world. With a smile as wide as the Texas sky, he ran from
across the room, jumped into my arms, and exclaimed, “Mama, you look brand new!”

Like Stetson, what if we put on new glasses to look afresh at the world around us? What if we decided to look at our spouse with a vision that sees strengths not weaknesses? Or instead of viewing
others with a critical spirit, we instead choose to see and believe the good in them?


Each day we pick up a pair of glasses.

Which ones will we put on?

We get to choose.


How we see our world directly impacts how we live and the choices we make. Choose your lens wisely.

How can we have BIG VISION today?

What glasses do you normally pick up?

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