At Home Beauty Salon: A Teen Girl’s Birthday Idea

Stylist drying hair of a female client at the beauty salon

Teens + birthdays can be difficult.  They are too old for the usual party fare, yet they still want to do something to celebrate.  As I wracked my brain to think of something for my daughter’s 14th this year, I asked myself, “what do they love to do when they get together?”  HAIR!  I called a few beauty salons until I found the right stylists at the right price, and the party was a done deal.

Here is what we did:

1. Hire 2 stylists to come to the party to do hair, and teach girls how to do the various styles {or ask a couple of friends who are really good at hair to come}.  They bring supplies.

2. Have them bring pictures of various hair styles, and the girls choose which one they’d like.

3. Set up a couple of bar stools and a table with outlets near by.

5. The other girls snack on fun food and chat while two at a time get their hair done.

6. Go outside and take some fun pictures! I took group shots, and then one of each girl with the birthday princess.

 The only issue I had was getting hairspray off the floor afterwards.  Otherwise, the party was a teen girl hit…and, best of all,  EASY!

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