Dresser Re-Do: All That Glitters….

More glitter. I know….. it’s a problem. You’d think I would have outgrown it by 8th grade. Not so — I just can’t shake it. I had to re-paint my daughters dresser and mirror because she got a new bed that was a different color. We decided to put a little sass into the project by adding some SPARKLE & SHINE…. with what else? GLITTER I SAY!
Here’s what we did:
Step 1: We spray painted the mirror. I found this one at Ross. It had a horrible yellow/brown finish, and it’s no wonder no one wanted to buy it. It had the right price tag, and I could see its potential through my spray paint lens (love that stuff).
Step 2: After the spray paint dried, working in sections, we used spray glue and then poured glitter on top of it.
Step 3: We repeated step 2 until it was covered well. Sprinkle thoroughly with several coats or until you run out (which is what happened to us).
Step 4: Using Modge Podge, I painted the middle section of each drawer of the dresser, and sprinkled some glitter onto that also. I thought it would pull the two pieces together.
Step 5: Repeat step 4 until well covered.Here is the final product! It looks really cute in her room. One thing to be sure, a little glitter goes a long way….. just like in 8th grade.
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