YOU matter! The Hospitality Dare: {It’s Outrageous}


What does hospitality mean to you?

Coffee? Food? A crackling fire and good conversation? For me, that word conjures up feelings of warmth. I define hospitality as a place I feel at home in someone’s presence.

I’ve dined in dirt floor shanties in the mountains of Central America, and eaten a six course meal in a castle in France. It is not the location that counts, it’s how others make you feel in that space.

This quote hangs in my dining room:

Hospitality is a heart that says, “You matter in the world.”

We can eat the richest of foods, but if we don’t feel loved, the food will not outshine the hurt. The reverse is also true. A simple meal shared at a table filled with abundant love feels deeply satisfying.

There have been seasons when hospitality seems impossible. Yet, if we re-define it, make it simple, and cut out excuses, hospitality can be a regular part of our lives.
My friend, Kristin (from Austin, TX,) and I are teaming up to provide you with the 7 day hospitality dare!
Won’t you join us? We’d absolutely love it!


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