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Living Creatively

When guest come to town, I like to provide for them a reference sheet of wi-fi passwords, things to know about our home and our town, etc.  When it comes to our families, let’s provide them with an emergency reference sheet. There have been situations where having a family emergency plan in place has saved [...]

One of my dear friends, Kim Washko, of Hands to Art, had both of her daughters married in one year!  We were honored to celebrate their weddings with them.  While there were many elements that made each occasion  unique and special, one thread weaved in both: resourcefulness.  Kim and her daughters proved that you can [...]

Need ideas for the holidays?   Host a holiday-themed Pinterest party! Here is how it works: 1. Send out an invite to some friends asking them to bring a holiday food item that they have “pinned” on Pinterest to the party.  This can be anything – a beverage, a class party idea, an appetizer, dessert, [...]

SIGH.  SIGH. SIGH.  Isn’t that how we all feel?  Every time we think of where our Downton friends left us – in the lurch – crying into our ice cream bowls china tea cups, lemon curd spilled on the floor after the tantrum we threw following the accident.  I mean really.  How are we to [...]

The couple of months before Christmas I wrack my brain trying to think of something really great to create for the family.  A few years back we decided to make giving a homemade gift the tradition.  At some point in the brainstorming, a light bulb goes on and I know just what I want to [...]

I just did these darling fall trees with my kids and my son’s 3rd grade class. They make a great fall keepsake for years to come!   You will need: *4 different colors of paint (I used brown, gold, burnt orange, mocha, and black to deepen the brown) *14×17 sheets of drawing paper (Strathmore’s medium [...]

More glitter. I know….. it’s a problem. You’d think I would have outgrown it by 8th grade. Not so — I just can’t shake it. I had to re-paint my daughters dresser and mirror because she got a new bed that was a different color. We decided to put a little sass into the project [...]

  The biggest enemy of my garden is deer. The fence is a must-have around here. Without it, there is no hope. This is a simple wood post, bailing wire, 6 feet tall number. Only once did a deer jump into it, and you should have seen the havoc when that poor soul tried to [...]

Who says a girl has to use terra cotta pots for container gardening? I’ve got nothing against them, but a little creativity gives your landscaping style and a unique look. My favorite thing to do is find something around the house that’s been sitting lonely in the garage and transform it into beautiful garden decor. [...]

Here in the Pacific Northwest, we are FINALLY reaching 60 degrees. It’s taken until May 9, but hey, spring sprung today!!! And we all know what that means….. IT’S TIME TO GARDEN!!!!! I’m going to introduce you to my very favorite, SIMPLE gardening method: The Square Foot Garden. I discovered this book about 6 years [...]

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I am thankful and honored that you are allowing me to take a virtual seat in your home! I promise to give my best in adding value to your life through my blog. You will find mouth watering recipes, helpful tips, and intriguing ideas. We will also authentically discuss faith, family and living well.

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