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I'm sure you've heard of them unless you've been hiding under a health food rock.  You've probably had one.  You may even be addicted.  It's surprising, these Acai bowls.  When I had my first one, I thought, "Huh... yes, really good, but worth all of the hype and the cost?"  I wasn't so sure.  But Read More

If you want to wake people up in your home with warm smells from the kitchen, this is your recipe.  While it looks like you have slaved over this non-traditional pancake recipe for an hour, truth is, you just whipped it up in less than 5 minutes in the blender (and it is so inexpensive Read More

What I have every morning.  I LOVE it! Add a sweetener if you wish - I use truvia Read More

There is something so homey.... so warm.... so comforting about homemade granola.  I've tried a dozen recipes, and finally landed on my own spin of this tried and true favorite.  Layer it with yogurt to make a breakfast parfait, take it hiking on your next adventure, or keep in the car for the kids to Read More

Not being a morning person, I'm always looking for healthy breakfasts that can be heated and served from the freezer.  Here is my take on the McDonald's classic: Whole Wheat English Muffins, Ham Slices, Fried Eggs, Bacon, & Cheddar Cheese I prepare all of the ingredients, and then do a mass assembly.  I toast the Read More

There was a time I was getting up at the crack of dawn (after being up late stuffing stockings and such) to fix monkey bread and other fun holiday morning deliciousness -- what in the world was I thinking??  Running myself ragged is NOT my idea of a meaningful Christmas day.   Enter... make ahead Read More

On my daughter's first day of summer, we celebrated by making homemade cinnamon rolls (her choice). We made fun pineapple drinks, like the ones we had in Costa Rica, and sipped on those while cooking. My nieces joined us after a while to help us with the process. I originally got this recipe from a Read More

We are big whole wheat bagel fans around here, and the flavored cream cheese is a favorite, especially the strawberry kind. One of the issues I find, though, is that the stores don't sell non-fat strawberry cream cheese, and it is more expensive to buy the flavored kinds. I can make it for less, and Read More

Looking for an easy, whip-it-up breakfast, brunch, or snack idea? Look no further than my FAVORITE dried cherry scones! They are simple to make and simply de-lish. The scone-making process is easier than you think. Watch..... Mix the dry ingredients together. Cut in the butter. I do this with two knives, slicing back and forth Read More

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