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Who doesn’t love a good punch? Growing up my grandma, named Gertrude, or my great aunt, named Emma, would throw one together in a hurry.  They would freeze a ring of ice with berries or lemon slices in one of their decorative copper rounds and it made the most beautiful ice ring for the punch [...]

Some years ago, on Christmas Eve, I sat in front of the Christmas tree with tears streaming down my face.  I wasn’t sad because something terrible had happened, I was sad because I had missed Christmas.  Not intentionally.  It just happened.  Somewhere between making cookies, singing carols at the retirement center, buying gifts, and decorating [...]

I remember being so proud as my dad, dressed up in his suit and tie, walked me up in front of the congregation.  My sparkly dress caught the light of the brass candlesticks as we moved down the aisle. My mom held a bible, marked at Luke 2, and my siblings marched next to me. [...]

  One of the very best ways I know to fight the crazy around the holidays is to go on offense, rather than play defense.  That means we have a game plan and don’t wait around for the stress to hit before we act. One of my biggest goals for the holiday season is to [...]

  “Mom, promise me we’ll do the Advent activities this year,” my 16 year old said the other day. I looked at her surprised. “Really? Are you being serious?” I replied. And she was.   Traditions matter, no matter the age. They provide a strong anchor of family identity and also make the season special. [...]

Each year our kids get to open one gift on Christmas Eve – a present different from all the others. It is a gift from Jesus – something to grow their faith in the coming year. Some years is has been an Adventures in Odyssey CD, other years a new Bible, last year one of [...]

Looking for an easy, but homemade and creative gift to give neighbors, teachers, and friends?  Try this Chocolate Tree as seen on Martha Stewart.    Materials Foam cone Tinsel garland (an 18-inch tree uses about 36 feet of garland) Pearl-head pins Chocolate squares of choice, still in wrapper (an 18-inch tree uses about 48 squares [...]

when you hear a jingle bell what comes to mind?  how would you describe a jingle bell to someone who has never heard one?  and how can a simple lesson from a jingle bell translate to our lives?  together with my dear friend tammy at grace uncommon, we decided three characteristics really stand out. jingle [...]

I have been absolutely amazed at how much fun my kids have had with sock puppets this past year.  They spend hours making various characters, then craft elaborate stories.  When they are ready to roll, they find us and give us tickets for the big show.  Chairs are lined up for each person to sit [...]

We sing Happy Birthday to Jesus every Christmas and this is His birthday cake! Growing up my mom made a wine cake that was similar to this recipe, and we loved that one too.  I’m not sure why we all love alcohol in cake so much, but let me tell ya, it makes an unbelievably [...]

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I am thankful and honored that you are allowing me to take a virtual seat in your home! I promise to give my best in adding value to your life through my blog. You will find mouth watering recipes, helpful tips, and intriguing ideas. We will also authentically discuss faith, family and living well.

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