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“Well, this is it Mom.” Her hair blew her over her face as the warm wind passed over her tanned armed into the car. “The last stretch. Two more months of high school and that’s it.” Immediately my throat tightened and I bit my lower lip. I knew this was coming. Spring break in Costa Read More

Moms – You are the difference-makers. Change agents. Heroes. What you do every day – the hugging, working, teaching, organizing, praying, carpooling, cleaning, playing, laughing, crying, serving, and giving – it changes the world by deeply impacting those right at your kitchen table. We see you. We like you. We know you – because we Read More

  The straps of the backpack clapped together and the familiar "click" signaled that everything was packed.  My son peered out proudly from behind his glasses as he slung the large weight onto his back.  It had finally come. All nine year olds in our family get to go on their first "real" backpacking weekend Read More

I felt sick to my stomach. The TV series had been a fun way for us to connect with our growing teens, but it had turned inappropriate and bizarre. It was supposed to be mild, and I trusted the source from whom it had been recommended. The first shows we watched were fine. But like Read More

Like you, I am a mom trying my best to raise my kids.  As a Christian mom, one of my greatest privileges is exposing them to the love of Jesus.  If they love Jesus, every other detail of their life will fall into place.  It's the most important work.   So I'm always looking for Read More

Around August I start panicking. The fully stocked back-to-school shelves in Target remind me that the close of another summer looms. I spin the rolodex of summer activities in my head - have we done everything the kids wanted to do? What about what I wanted to do? Has it been meaningful? Fun? Have we Read More

I love the Irish.  They have a reputation for living passionately and with flavor.  Maybe that's why we all celebrate St. Patrick's Day even when we aren't Irish.  We are drawn to how they create life and fun around them. We can do the same.  Routine can cause stagnation and boredom.  Let's shake things up Read More

Sometimes you just need to tell someone.... Print it out and then GIVE IT OUT! Download the File: my.favorite Read More

Just for kicks I thought I'd share with you some of my current favorites - things that I incorporate into each and every day just because they make my life better or more fun!   1. The Soda Stream The bad news: I'm now hooked on sparkling water. I mean, completely lost with just boring Read More

Without warning, it happens. Kids crush the laps on which they once nestled. Their predictable moods have transitioned to look more like the spin cycle of a washing machine. And their preference on when and how they communicate with others, particularly the parents, can sometimes feel like trying to read an outdated map in a Read More

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