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I was a junior in high school and the bright lights shone brightly above the stage.  The MC for the night was handing out impromtu questions and it was my turn.  "If you could have lunch with someone who you find interesting, but have never met, who would it be?" "Oprah Winfrey," I said without Read More

Parents sometimes resent teens and their devices.  All one must do is look at a line of teenagers standing together to realize how often their faces point toward their screens instead of one another. We often wonder if our kids are safe online, if they are victims of cyber bullying, and what the long term Read More

For two weeks this summer we took an RV trip in the mountains of Idaho, Utah, Colorado, and Montana.  I was unplugged for the majority of it- living fully in each moment. The simple brought my soul to life: a cold stream over my toes, my child’s bubbling laughter as we hiked steep terrain, and Read More

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