10 Favorite Things for Busy Moms {my favorites}

Just for kicks I thought I’d share with you some of my current favorites – things that I incorporate into each and every day just because they make my life better or more fun!



1. The Soda Stream


The bad news: I’m now hooked on sparkling water. I mean, completely lost with just boring old water.  The good news:  I drink a lot more of it!! Add mint, lime, lemon, or berries to the water and it’s quite fun too!


2. Your Move – Andy Stanley’s app of sermon messages


The app allows the user to push on a sermon series and listen from the phone.  Andy Stanley is one of the most gifted pastors of our time.  He’s unbelievable user-friendly for people with little church background, but simultaneously challenging for those who want something a bit deeper.  I turn this on while I clean up the house and get ready every morning after I get the kids off to school.


3. The Dyson Handheld Vacuum


What did I do before this handy dandy wonder tool?  I used Dustbusters that couldn’t handle the job.  I went through MANY! This one stays charged in my laundry room, and we pull it out multiple times a day. It’s the first handheld vacuum that can handle this family.

**I found it at Costco but I’m not sure if they still have it.


4. They’re Real! Mascara

mascaraI discovered this gem on a recent trip to Sephora with my daughter. Say hello to long lashes!!


5. Audible.com


This season of life has me on the road for large parts of my day.  If the kids are not in the car, I’ll turn on a book and get some reading done! It’s actually the only way it gets done these days. It’s a great use of time and keeps me challenged and growing.


6. Miracle Noodles


The packaging does not lie.  These are incredible.  No fat, no carbs, no nothin’! They take on the flavor of any sauce.  I’m continually on a no-grain diet, but these allow me to feel like I’m eating noodles or rice.


7. Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Almonds (with sea salt and turbinado sugar)


These will change your life.  Buy them!


8. Sign Up Genius


It seems I’m always organizing meals, a carpool, or class parties.  This website allows people to sign up for shifts by following a link you provide. The amount of time saved organizing people is phenomenal.


9. The Shark Steam Mop


This cleans beautifully and deeply, without the hassle of a mop and bucket.  The steam gets hot and is therefore effective at removing floor stains. Hands down my indispensable cleaning tool!


10. Camera Plus App


Like you, I take most of my pictures with….my iphone of course.  This app allows several editing options including numerous overlays.  Options are important, and this app gives more than most.  It is the go-to app on my phone.

How about you? What are your favorites?

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